Cross-Cultural Executive Coaching

Cross-Cultural Coaching for Executives and Team Leaders
Individualised, one-on-one support that helps executives and team leaders be more effective in global organisations and global teams.
oal-oriented, tailored, and confidential learning alliance between the professional coach and the executive. Cross-Cultural Coaching:
  • Gives the executive the opportunity to share personal workplace concerns
  • Helps the executive gain perspectives from the coach who is outside the organisational environment and politics
  • Requires a committed and collaborative relationship between the executive and the coach.
One-on-one, confidential cross-cultural executive coaching:
  • Provides a supportive relationship where the executive can be open
  • Focuses on the specific developmental objectives of the executive
  • Helps the executive define their own strategic initiatives or key priorities
  • Facilitates analysis of the impact of multiple options
  • Assists the executive in creating an action plan, including planned steps, their possible impacts, and contingency planning
  • Helps critically examine obstacles and barriers to achieving goals and find ways of overcoming them

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