For people who lack confidence in making presentations, the 
Basic Presentation Training module teaches basic skills and helps them gain confidence.

Advanced Presentation Coaching is for people who need advanced skills for getting their message across in multicultural and challenging audiences.

Both modules are interactive two-day workshops that can be divided into four half-day sessions.

How Does It Work

We go over your actual presentation needs and the situations you would be facing.
Then we map your skill gaps against your real needs.
The next step is to tailor a programme to address your specific needs and help you improve your own unique style of presentation.
During the workshop, participants make many presentations, which are analysed with feedback and optional video recordings.

Typical issues handled

  • Personal preparedness plan with tips
  • Simple 5-question method for improving your communication
  • Techniques for gaining self-confidence  
  • Rules for structuring presentations 
  • How to define presentation objectives  
  • Clarifying core message
  • Building persuasive arguments  
  • Monitoring and guiding audience receptivity
  • Handling challenging audiences 
  • Making effective conclusions
  • How to take into account different cultural backgrounds of audience members

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